Mariabhavan Boys hostel


Mariabhavan boys hostel is situated at Cherupanathadi in Kasargod district of Kerala. It is a village from the northern part of Kerala and the population there are mainly immigrants from other parts of Kerala. Hence, there are poor people who are not able to facilitate good education for their children. And we accommodate poor children from this area in our hostel attached to our school and give free education by providing scholarships, collecting funds from various sources, and the people of goodwill.


We know, we are doing very little. Of course, we have the manpower and enthusiasm to do more for this good number of children who are the future of humanity. With sufficient financial support, we can do a lot for the upliftment of these thousands of poor children. If people with goodwill come forward to give their support and collaboration, especially through their financial contributions, it will mean a lot in this mission of children’s upliftment and welfare. We are always inspired by the collaboration of many people who through their generous contribution, support the smooth management of CFIC Children’s mission in India. We acknowledge gratefully the support and collaboration of the people of goodwill.


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